Let me give everyone a little bit of a background, as i'm new to this forum as well as Macs in general. Currently i'm a film student at a two-year school and transfering to a four-year film school this fall. I have done graphic design (mainly band tees and merch) for 5+ years and I run Adobe Photoshop 7 from my PC as well as some freeware screenwriting programs. The last time I used a Mac was over 5 years ago in high school in my 'printshop' class, where I learned graphic design. My community school does not use Mac's in their film program, they use PC's running Adobe Premiere. Now for the real reason for this thread. I'm looking into getting a MacPro or another Mac for my four-year school as I want to be able to run Final Cut and Mac's are just that much better for all things creative. However, i'm compleatly lost as to what I should get. I'd prefer a desktop over a laptop. Other than that, i'll be running video editing, audio mixing, graphic editing, and screenwriting software on the machine and possibly others that I have not accounted for yet. Any help or suggestions as to what I should look into would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!