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    Question m4v as music video?
    I recently edited a music video and put it onto iTunes, but it put it into videos...

    I want to put it into music, and so i can watch it on my iPod and it acts like music with a video, and I think it needs to be in my music folder.

    But it wont let me move it! Does anyone no how to fix this?

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    m4v as music video
    I'm not sure if you were able to find the answer yet, but I was just searching for this too and randomly figured out how to accomplish this in a few quick clicks when I was frustrated with my search online.

    So for anyone else that may have this problem as well, here are the 4 simple steps to turn your movie/tv show (m4v) into the music video that is housed in the music section of your iTunes. (This may apply to other versions of iTunes (I'm not sure), but currently I am on Version 8.1 when I did this)

    1. Highlight the movie video in iTunes in your movie section.
    2. Either click "Command" + "I" or Go to "File" -- "Get Info"
    3. Select the "Options" Tag
    4. Use the drop down menu next to "Media Kind" to change it from "Movie" or "TV Show" to "Music Video"

    It will automatically reposition it in the music section with your iTunes music

    Happy media moving,

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