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    Question MacTheRipper ? - Other Video Software?
    I'm new to the Mac world...just got my MacBook Friday, and so far I love it. What I'm primarily going to use my MacBook for will be school, and church work. Soon I will need to get some type of presentation software like LiveWorship. What I'm wondering about is a program/software that I can take clips from DVD's to use for presentations, etc.

    From what I've read about MacTheRipper, it is good for "ripping" entire DVD's, but can I select specific chapters or even specific parts of a DVD?

    If I can rip the entire DVD with MacTheRipper and the pull out different sections of it with iMovie would be cool...(is that the program that comes loaded on the Mac, like I said I've very new to the Mac world! ha!)

    Thanks in andvance for the advice!

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    Please take a look at this post. While it may be legal in your jurisdiction, the forums follow US law and since I don't come close to knowing any US law, I refer you to that post for clarification.

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    Vansmith's post explains it all.
    Nothing more needs to be said.
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