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Thread: FCP filter tips needed

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    FCP filter tips needed
    I'm currently editing a project about street dancing in Tokyo. You can probably visualise the rushes in front of me, i.e. lot's of young talented people in jeans/Tshirts/baseball caps dancing on their feet, hands, heads, backs. The camera angles are often arty/obscure (Dutch tilts, etc) with lots of operator movement (swift tilts/pans, head to feet, walk in/outs) + camera crash zooms in/out. The music bed I'll be using is fast and electronic sounding with a thumping bass beat.

    My edits will be quick and jarring (in an MTV sort of way) I'll probably throw in some cross stretch/squeeze transitions, white flashes and blooming one shot into another.

    All the above I can cope with, however I am fairly new to FCP and I have not had much time to play with combinations of filters re a project like this.

    Keep in mind that the underlying 'feel' I want to stylise in is colour, speed, techno, neon, animation. Think along the lines of Tokyo Drift meets Manga on speed!

    So can anyone suggest a combination of FCP filters to use (with suggested settings)? I don't have much time so I would prefer to use whatever is built in to FCP rather than external apps or plug ins. That said I am up for some layering or channel usage provided someone gives me very clear instructions on how to achieve the effect in their reply.

    Many thanks to all you creative luvvies!

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    A great little package of filters I've used before is Red Giants Magic Looks. Costs a far bit but is worth it as there are lots of cool styles to pick straight out of the box, or you can design you own. Alternatively check out some of the noise industries filters, they do some very cool ones. Hope that helps.
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    Magic Bullet is also a good grab. Lots of excellent pre-builts that you can easily tweak.

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