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    Help with .avi to DVD problem !

    Anybody who knows how to create DVD well.

    My problem is this.

    I have tried so many time to convert .avi files to DVD for playing in normal DVD players.
    I tried with VisualHub and also Aimersoft DVD Creator and it converts the movie to DVD just fine and it plays smooth and great on the computer.
    But when i burn the DVD and try it on my normal house DVD player. Its not running smooth. Its like panning with small stops.
    Sorry for my bad english explanation. But the point is all the DVD i burned is not playing smoothly ?
    I tried 2 different DVD players, so its not that. It must be in the process somewhere

    I have tried everything what i can think of. Burning with slower speed (4x) but it always comes out a little jumping.

    Can it have something to do with PAL Vs NTSC ? i just leave the DVD creator apps on NTSC because most of the movies i convert from .avi to DVD are ripped
    in America with NTSC format so i just leave the application at that even that i live in Europe (PAL)

    But from what i know. Most DVD players now play both PAL & NTSC

    If someone with good nullage of movie conversion etc. Please help me out here.. I already waisted 10 DVD.. lol

    Thanks you
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    Others have mentioned Handbrake - although I have not tried it yet. I have had success with Burn ( So far it has never failed me. I do own a lower-end home DVD player and have had no issues playing the DVD's.
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