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    Question iDVD movie sound replaced by menu audio
    Hi people,

    I have just made my second DVD with iDVD after editing a HD movie with iMovie. The first DVD of a wedding was rather basic - no audio in the menus or slideshows, boring but at least and the movie audio played correctly.
    So I added music from itunes to the second DVD of a holiday and grandchildren from another movie. The preview mode in iDVD has movie audio working fine until I burn a DVD and the play the movie where it has the itunes audio replacing the movie sound track.

    Have removed and replaced the iMovie file and removed and replaced the audio from it drop zone in iDVD - no change and 4 DVDs later..

    The main problem is if I start the whole project over completely again whatever I have done wrong may well reoccur. I even bought a book IMovie HD ( and iDVD) The Missing Manual but can find out what occurred or what to do to fix it.
    Any suggestions or advice most welcome!

    Many Thanks

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    First, stop wasting DVDs. The best way to test the burn is to create a disc image or create the DVD folder structure. "Save as Disc Image..." and "Save as VIDEO_TS folder..." respectively. This has a speed advantage as burning takes a long time, but also, if you have troubles burning, you can isolate that kind of problem to the actual burning process.

    I use Toast to burn my disc images, but I believe Disk Utility which you can find in the Utilities folder can also do this.

    I'm not sure about the audio. It sounds like you are dropping the music into same drop zone where you dropped your movie rather than the background.

    I don't have time to experiment with this one, so hopefully someone who has seen it will speak up.
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    DVD audio probs
    Thanks - will do that in future and have a copy of toast Lite 6 to use.


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