I would appreciate some advice regarding some software upgrades vs. having to change machine. I'm putting this in video as one of the issues with the latest software is its requirements exceed my computers' capabilities.

I'm running an iMac G5, 1.8GHz, 1GB, and an iBook G4, 933 MHz, 640MB. Both are on OSX 10.3.9. This all started when I wanted to get some new virus software, looked at intego, and seeing they wanted OSX 10.4+. OK, not a real problem, I should upgrade a bit anyway. So, I thought I'd get the latest - 10.5.5, iLife 09, iWorks09. However, checking further, the biggest obstacle was iMovie wouldn't run on either of my machines, and some of the other parts appeared marginal, as well.

Now, I'm faced with trying to find "prior version" software, such as OSX 10.4.4 , iWorks 06, iLife 06. Also, I'd have to check which version of iMovie will recognize an HD camcorder such as a Canon HV-10 (I believe it to be 06HD, but could not find anything definite after a lot of googling). My only other option would be to try to sell my existing machines (at a big loss) and buy a newer Macbook Pro with the latest software. Then, that all spins to the limits of control with selling, trying to trade-in, etc.

Anyone have any experience with iMovie 06HD on a machine with similar characteristics to mine? Obviously I'd use the iMac mostly, though if on a trip I'd want to use the iBook, even if in a limited way. Is it slow or clunky? Am I stupid for trying to keep going with what I have? I feel dumb letting go of otherwise decent shape machines, hence the "intermediate" software idea. And, any ideas where I can get prior versions which are legitimate? BTW, alternatively I could go with a version of final cut express, but with similar compatibility issues.