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    Quick Question -- Burning Files Onto a DVD
    Hello everyone,

    I apologize in advance if this question sounds a little needlessly complicated, it is just that I am normally pretty clueless about these kinds of things so I decided to ask the experts on a forum like this since it has always been very helpful in the past.

    That being said, basically what I want to do is burn some files that I found on YouTube onto a DVD-R, and while I think I sort of know what I am doing I still need some help. The first step that I took was to download all of the YouTube videos using the RealPlayer downloader, meaning that I have a library of .flv files.

    From there, I know that I need a program that will convert the .flv files, but I don't know what program to use and what format I should be putting the files in so that I can burn them using iDVD. What program do you think I should use, and what filetype should I convert the files into so that I don't lose too much quality but can still burn them onto a DVD?

    Finally, I just want to know if DVD-Rs are even what I need . . . as in, will iDVD on a MacBook Pro burn files onto DVD-Rs at all? When I went to the office supply store there was a wide variety of writeable CDs and the person working there told me DVD-Rs would probably be the safest bet.

    I apologize for being so clueless -- any help that you could give me would be appreciated! Basically I'm looking for a guide for how to get YouTube files onto DVDs, but I wasn't able to find such a thing on the internet.

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    I use QuickTime Pro to play those .flv files. I believe you have to add Perian to you system for that to work. Because I now read those files, I can export them from QTP into another format and even size. If you don't have QTP, then perhaps iMovie would work.

    I'm not sure what format I'd used for iDVD from an flv file, perhaps H.264. Others can probably say more about that.

    DVD-Rs should be fine. You can use System Profiler in the Utilities folder to see what Disc Burning says about that. That is under the Hardware tab. In the Disk Burning window look at DVD-Write and you'll see something like; -R, -RW, +R, +RW.
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