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    Question Offline files help!
    Hi everybody, new to the forum...

    I edit projects in final cut using several different terabyte external hard drives.

    I recently tried to return to an older project on one of them, and it told me all of my file were offline. I am used to this, and since I have my hard drive pretty well organized, found almost all the video files easily...

    the files I found, appear in the browser, no prob.

    the problem is that in my sequence, which I know I edited a long time ago, none of my edits are intact.

    So i went back, to try to reconect any other files which may be missing.

    the reconnect files window is showing me the name of my drive in bold, as usual, but underneath, no file names, just about seven blank spaces...

    I am very confused, and I am not looking forward to re-editing the original clips back into a sequence...

    any ideas, or am I SOL?

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    If you go into the drive can you manually find the files? Also, double check your path to make sure its the right folder. If the files are there then I have no clue what the deal is.

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