Okay... I am trying to contain my rage here as I have literally been working on my first attempt at a video for WEEKS.

All I am trying to do is make a "guitar lesson" video for my students that I can upload to Youtube.

The main movies of me teaching are AVI format, but I wanted to make a little intro with music and clips of various guitarists playing (which I have downloaded from Youtube).

So I downloaded a bunch of clips from Youtube (in MPEG4 format) and loaded them into FCP. They played back choppy when exported. I was told on a forum to export to DV/DVCPRO, then back into FCP. For some reason this worked, but playback was still not that great.

I was then told (on another forum) that I am essentially blowing up, then recompressing needlessly by going from MPEG4 to DV, so what I should do is only use MPEG4s with the same size and pixel shape, then build a Uncompressed 8 bit Sequence and edit in that so it is virtualy lossless. This seems pretty retarded that FCP can't upscale/downscale without the final result looking like garbage, but whatever.

So I trashed all my clips that weren't 320 x 240 and I just kept the 320 x 240 ones (though their FPS's are all different, 29.97, 30, 15, etc... don't know if that matters).

So I edited these in an Uncompressed 8-bit sequence with a few "fade-to-black" transitions and some audio. Exported to MOV file using H.264 and... RIGHT BACK TO SQUARE ONE... the playback is choppy and the transitions look like absolute crap. All pixelated, like little cubes.

What the **** am I doing wrong?!?!?!? Can someone just walk me through how to do this? I never thought making a 5 minute intro with a few clips would be so unbelievably complicated!!!