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Thread: problem is it says media offline

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    problem is it says media offline
    I have DVD lessons from a book on Final cut pro and I have Final cut express, the lessons shows up on the browser with a red line , I have click to re-connect and nothing happens, I tried to use quicktime with it and nothing happens. BTW, i have copied the contents of the dvd to my scratch disk.

    Anyone has any ideas to make this work?

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    Am assuming the DVD lessons installed an app for watching the lessons. Or you're launching the app from the scratch disk where you saved it. It is probably still looking for the individual files on the DVD-rom. You'll have to see if it has a preference option allowing you to change the location it looks for the files. Or try launching the individual lessons from the scratch disk.

    You may be stuck to watching only while the DVD is in the drive.
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    When you go to reconnect you should have the option of setting the folder where the files are located. If you do this for one of the files in that folder it should automatically reconnect all of them.

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