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    iMovie 7 does not import video snippets from my iMovie HD project
    I have an ongoing project in iMovie HD 5.0.2. The project has still images and videos in it. I just upgraded and now have iMovie 7.1.4.

    Well, when I try to open the project in the newer iMovie, it brings over my still photos, brings over my transitions, title screens... but it does not bring over the video snippets in my movie.. they are just gone

    What gives?

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    Question ???
    i don't know if this works but it works on imovie 09
    you can see in the menu on achief import and don't choose import from camera but just import.
    then choose the file's you want ti ipmort then it will work..
    this is what you need to do...
    step 1:pee on your windows PC
    step 2:kick your windows PC
    step 3:enyoy your Mac

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