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    iMovie Video Not Uploading To YouTube?
    I uploaded my PROJECT to Youtube *Published it*, and it uploaded fine and everything, but it's not appearing on my page. I know it said it would take several minutes/hours, but it's been 17 hours since it uploaded and it's still not appearing.

    I tried uploading it on YouTube instead of publishing it, and I started uploading it 6 hours ago, and it's just not uploading as fast as it should. It's a 4 min video so I know it can't take this long. Is it a wrong format or anything? I mean, it published without any problems or anything so.. Idk.

    Anybody know what's up?


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    you should re-upload it. If not see if there is a problem with your internet connection

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    Sometimes it will take 24 hours to process. There may be a problem with your internet connection. But the way I check to see if it AT LEAST uploaded is go to homepage, go to the bar in the top right corner, move your cursor over your username, and click on My Videos. Your video should be there, but it will probably have a duration of 0:00 and it will say "processing (please wait)"

    If its not there theres a problem with your internet connection
    Adam Z

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