Okay, I might just be completely computer challenged, but I've been searching everywhere for some help with this and I still can't figure it out.

I'm having a problem exporting a finished video from iMovie to QuickTime. I've worked with iMovie before on my old computer; it was an older version (maybe iMovie 4?) and I never had any problems exporting it. However, ever since I got my new computer and therefore a new version of iMovie, whenever I try to export a video to QT the audio is missing, and some of the clips don't even show up; it's just white for a few seconds, and then shows the next clip.

I'm assuming that it's just compressing wrong, because when I used to export videos it would take 3-4 minutes, but now it takes "less than a minute", which would be nice if it actually turned out right. (And yes, the videos I'm trying to export now are about the same length as the videos I've made in the past, so I don't think it should compress that fast.)

Not only that, but when I try to export in Full Quality, it says that it can't because there is an "Unknown Error". I am so frustrated!! Can anyone help me?