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    Oct 08, 2008
    Imovie6 Free Download
    Does anyone know if the Imovie6 free download to users who have bought the 08 version is still valid?? Only i tried lookin on Apple but it wasn't there - I searched on the downloads page but nothing came up??



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    Jan 27, 2009
    I'm asking the same question! because iMovie 08 is REALLY BAD, it doesn't have a timeline! also no effects!

    I need iMovie 06
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    Oct 08, 2008
    Such a shizzle that no-one knows - of course the quick way is gettin i-life 09 and gettin imovie 09 - but still you havent got the cool funny effects like the ones on photo booth!!.....*sigh*


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    Good one Apt. I quit looking a couple of days ago... Was able to find only the updates at that time. Must have been enough iLife '08 users that still hadn't grabbed it to put it back up.
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    Does anyone know if there's a way to get iMovie'06 to import HD video, namely from a Sony HDR-CX12 ?

    I can do it in '08 but it seems '06 lacks the import feature since the camera doesn't have an iLink (or FireWire) connection.

    I just don't like iMovie '08, no effects as iTodd mentioned, and the lack of a real timeline sucks. It took me forever to get the audio to mix right in one of my videos and it still didn't turn out right.

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    Oct 08, 2008
    I used to burn footage on my canon Mv850i - but that had firewire...Soz IanCt wldn't know...
    Apple should give us Ilife 09 AND imovie 06 - TWO imovies just to make up for the mistake of 08!!

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