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Thread: Final Cut Express capture problems

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    Final Cut Express capture problems
    I have started capturing footage recorded by a Sony DSR-PDX10. I'm getting this message after each capture:

    The audio sample rate of one or more of your captured files does not match the sample rate on your source tape. This may cause the video and audio files to be out of sync. Make sure the audio sample rate of your capture preset matches the sample rate of your tape.

    How can I solve this problem? I know this isn't a Final Cut Express support/discussion forum, but I can't get logged in to one of those Apple forums although I have created an Apple ID. I also need another forum to find out how one can get logged in to an Apple forum, I suppose! I'm kind of getting upset, spending more time on the Internet then what I actually need doing. How I miss the times where I used to edit using actual film footage and sound transferred on magnetic tape with a good old Steenbeck!
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    Setup settings on FCE
    Click on Final cut express and select easy set up.
    I'am guessing your capturing settings need adjustment.
    from 32 to 48 or viceversa.
    I hope this helps.

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    Create a new sequence and capture the new video into the new one. Export the new sequence to Quick Time and save it somewhere convenient. Import the new QT into the original sequence.

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