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    Downloaded movie is an mp4-move to disk?
    Downloaded a copyright free movie and it was downloaded as an mp4 file that opens and runs fine in quick time. I'm trying to put it on a disk for backup and i cant seen to do this with either Apple Disk Utility or whatever i have. I'll just list what i have and maybe u can help weed through all of the programs that i just acquired. I want the best of the programs. I'm getting the newest os as we speak.

    OS 10.4.1
    toast 6 titanium
    final cut 3.o
    vixy beta converter


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    Are you putting it on a DVD disk for later viewing in region-accepting home DVD players, or are you using this disk simply as a way to back it up?

    If you're simply backing it up, you shouldn't have to do anything more than create a burn folder in finder and burn it.

    If you're using a CD-R as a data disk, keep in mind that they typically only hold about 650MB of data, and most decent DVDrips average around 700MB.

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    Jan 14, 2009
    santa barbara, ca
    G5 2.0, G4, powerbook mercury, G3 Power Mac
    Yeah. Thats whats stopping me, too much data. I believe i have to convert it to a ??? to fit on my DVD-r disk right? Its for making another copy for a dvd player BTW.

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