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    Converting FLV files to run in FCP or Imovie?
    Morbo wants to make a documentary about puny humans, Morbo took news footage from youtube and other sources.

    how can morbo get these clips into final cut pro or imovie for editing?
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    MPEG Streamcip is the program you need, its free
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    Depending on the size of the file, you can also use

    It's free, and quite possibly the most useful website I have ever found on the intrawebz. I have converted FLV to lots of other formats with all success.

    Occasionally you will have to wait a bit until your request is processed, but I have never had to wait more than 20 minutes or so. The maximum file size is 150MB.

    Also, look into this site to download youtube videos and others straight to .mp4.

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