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Thread: AVI to DVD resizing problem

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    AVI to DVD resizing problem
    Hello everyone, hope someone can help, I can't seem to find a post anywhere on the net to help me solve my problem.

    I am trying to convert an AVI to DVD to watch on tv. Simple I know, I've done it many times but recently I have had a problem with a certain group of AVI's.

    The problem is that every month there is a "combat sports ppv fight" which I download the day after. They are always in AVI format and I use toast to burn them and all my other downloaded movies to dvd. I always download movies as ISO's and they come out great for my dvd player and tv. The problem is these fights in AVI format, they are always 624x352 and when I burn them to DVD and try to watch it on my tv, the format shows a little tiny screen in the upper left corner of my tv. This is very annoying as it takes a couple of hours to convert the AVI and also the wasted dvd. When I put the DVD in my mac, the DVD player turns on and it plays fine, but I would like to watch these fights on my big screen with my surround sound.

    So, my question is, is there another converter/burn software other than toast that would work for me or is there a setting in toast that I can't seem to find (even though I've gone through it countless times) that will resize these AVI's so I can watch them on my tv??? Thanks to any help.


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