I am trying to get video recorded with a Hitachi DZ MV550A mini DVD camcorder on to the MacBook (iMovie).

I have used Handbrake and MPEG Streamclip on both the new MacBook (mini DVD in video camera connected to MacBook via USB) and a windows-based PC (with mini DVD directly in the pc drive) to convert to MPEG4 or DV format and then into iMovie, but the process is cumbersome and the quality of the results has been fair/poor. (Disclaimer: I am not proficient with these applications; it could be user error)

I got an LG external DVD drive (USB) which I tried hoping that by connecting the drive with the mini DVD-r directly to the MacBook, I might have better luck.

The drive was recognized as a DVD_CAMERA. With four of the mini DVD-rís, iMovie opened up, scanning began, generate thumbnails started, and I was able to import the video to iMovie directly; I never opened another application. The quality is excellent (from what I have read as I have tried to get these videos imported, I donít see how this worked!)

With three mini DVD-rís, iMovie opens and scanning begins, but I never get to generate thumbnails; the application just seems to hang after a while. The final mini DVD-r fails just before completing the ďGenerating ThumbnailĒ process.

Now that I have had success with this process for some of the mini DVDís, I am hoping that I can replicate that with the others. All the discs were taken with the same camera, same finalization process. The files on the DVDs look identical; video_ts.bup, video_ts.ifo, VTS_01_0.bup, VTS_01_0.ifo, video_TS.vob, VTS_01_1.vob, VTS_01_2.vob.

Does anyone know why this might be working on some disks and not others? I do have different dvd brands, but there is no correlation to success with this process. Thanks.