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    What to use after Handbrake?
    Basically, what i'm trying to do is make a backup copy of some DVD's. I first use Handbrake to rip the DVD into a mpeg4 format but what program do I use to make an exact copy of the DVD without losing quality and keeping the same format of the video???

    I have used Xilisoft DVD Creator and it works OK, but its not the best and it doesn't give me alot of screen sizes to choose from, just letterbox, pan&scan, and full screen.... but when I use full screen it more or less just stretches the picture. Any Help?? Any good apps to use???

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    If you want to make an exact replica of the DVD, then Handbrake should not be in the list of programs you want to use. MactheRipper to rip the DVD, DVD2One to shrink it down so that it will fit a single layer DVD (unless you wish to retain 100% quality, in which case you can skip shrinking but you'll need dual layer DVDs), and then Toast or Popcorn to burn the resulting VIDEO_TS folders to a DVD.

    Keep in mind that this is for non-commercial DVDs as doing so on commercial DVDs is against the law, and we do not discuss illegal behavior here at Mac-Forums.

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    after the handbrake you might want concentrate on steering and careful with the gas pedal

    just liked the name of the thread

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