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    iWeb after expired Mobile Me
    Hi everybody. Since I quit Mobile Me ( i just had enough of the speed complaints), all my icons for each page inside iWeb are red, regardless if they were worked on or not. Also, i just tried to add a new video and when published to my ftp site, I get a Quicktime symbol with a ? mark inside of it when viewed on the net. Is the software preventing me from publishing video, or am I doing something wrong with how I compress video? I have uploaded video to this site before. Here is the link Movement Study Also, on i am not able to see the name of this same page on my home page and it is ticked to do so. I have to admit, I love the easy of iWeb but i am spending to much time on trying to get it to work right. Manually ftp'ing to another site, one changed file at a time is a pain. I am hoping I am showing my ignorance in how to use ftp and iWeb properly and sure could use some advice as apple care does not help in this case either.

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    You need MobileMe for iWeb to work.
    Adam Z

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