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    Jan 11, 2009
    After Effects
    Omg this program has a horrible horrible design

    so so so mad

    all those menus of the submenus...and so many boxes. I dont like this layout of this application at all

    Used some it for a video project in a digital arts class and decided it needs an OVERHAUL

    anyone agree?

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    Not in the slightest. I love the design. Everything I need is within easy reach. Need an effect? Type it in the box to the right. Need a new comp or layer, drop menu at the top or hotkeys. It feels a lot like Photoshop so making the transition is easy.

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    After Effects is pleasure to work with. The CS4 version works seemlessly with the rest of the suite and everything is just where it should be.
    How long have you been using it and what version do you have?

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    It is quite different then ive seen in Final Cut Studio, but the change is great. I like how everything is close by in the menus.

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