I have a Panasonic Mini DV PV-GS15 Camcorder that I've had for about 4 years now and haven't gotten much use out of it. I was able to transfer video to my old PC running Windows XP until SP2 came out and that was the end of it. Windows wouldn't recognize the camera any more through firewire...

Last night I purchased a new iMac with the 24 inch screen and thought I'd try out iMovie with some video that I've taken over the years. The camera cannot be detected.

The only choice in iMovie is the built in camera. I've checked in the System Profiler and I get something about firewire device not recognized. I have the camera in playback mode and plugged in AC. I've tried multiple firewire cables. I've restarted and plugged and unplugged the camera what feels like a hundred times. I've been Google searching about half the day today.

Any help would be great, I hope someone has an idea. I was really looking forward to experiencing all the great things I've heard about video editing on a Mac.

Thanks in advance!