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    Unhappy Macbook Pro Dropped Frames Final Cut
    Hi there

    I have a 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro (late 08 revision) and have installed Final Cut Pro Studio 2 on it.

    I keep getting dropped frames in Unlimited RT and it is bugging the crap out of me. I have a big project coming up soon and the last thing I want to be doing is rendering every time I make a tweak to the edit.

    I'm not editing anything special (just DV), and I've only got 2 audio tracks open.

    I've installed 4 GB of RAM, and I'm running the project on the MBP's internal HD. Surely FCP should be running smoothly....??

    Any suggestions?

    BTW - I have read through the manuals and searched the web, but not found anything particularly helpful...

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    I haven't yet tried it on my MacBook Pro, yet, but on the PowerBook G4 and FCE, dropped frames was meaningless. According to the creative guy at the store, it just means the machine has too much data to deal with at that moment. I, then, just changed the render to Full, ignored it and had no problems

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