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    My Mac won't burn lightscribe discs...
    I was using my computer at work.. Mac 05, Power PC to burn DVDs with iMovie. I had no problem at all using HP lightscribe discs. I attempted to burn 2 different discs here at home, Mac 06 Intel using iMovie, and it rejected both discs saying "Please insert a recordable disc". So I put in a Memorex DVD, and it's working fine.

    Any reason for this to be happening? Any way I can fix it? Could it just be coincidence and I have two bad discs?

    I really NEED to use the lightscribe, otherwise it would be no big deal. Thanks in advance.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    it could be, can those discs be written to in the other machine? I've seen burners that for some reason or another did not like some media.. not really all that uncommon it seems
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