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    Hello Everybody...

    Im new to this section of the forum but the time has come to ask for a little guidance...

    Im a new convert to mac and have the intention of getting into video editing. I am all set up and have just started to play with FCE... Its rather complex to say the least...

    Where is a good place to start learning this program? I did see that you can go to an apple store but the closest store to me is in Charlotte NC (2 hrs mimimum).

    So are there any good videos etc maybe a good book I can check out that will help me skim through this?

    Thanks for all your help everybody... Ill be sure to post links to my videos as they spring to life


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    13" MBP, 2.53 Ghz, 4 Gb Ram, 500 Gb HDD is your best bet to learn it. Theres a small cost, but what you get out of it is worth every penny.

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