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Thread: Skipping video - FCP question

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    Exclamation Skipping video - FCP question
    Hi all,
    I'm using FCP on my iMac for some video editing.
    When I play back in final cut, everything plays fine, there is no skipping, everything is on track, every syncs up and works fine.

    When I'm done, and I render all my video, and I go to convert, using quicktime conversion, my video always skips.

    I have been converting to h.246 or .avi. The end result always has skips in it. Visable ones.

    Am I using the wrong format to convert? Is it my computer?

    I am using two different cameras, with footage from both. But I capture both in the same way. I'm using an HD one, and a non hd one.


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    Hmm, never heard of this before. Your video plays back fine in the timeline? When you export it make sure and check your average frame rate. There could be a preference changing it when you export.

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