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    Multiple Movie DVDs
    I use toast. I usually burn a dvd in the Data section under UDF, and I have no problems. But I've recently tried to put multiple video_ts files onto one DVD using the same technique, and the disc wouldn't work.

    I never use the video tab. It always encodes my videos, and usually gets stuck doing it. I think its unnecessary to begin with.

    So how would I go about making a DVD with multiple files?

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    I'm just bumping this becasue I think that someone out there knows how to help, and I have these files on my computer that I don't want to delete and need to backup.

    So please, can anyone help me?

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    I havent tried in toast, but I do it all the time in popcorn in the video_ts s3ection, I add a main folder, maybe its called Videos, in it is names of the multiple movies,
    like movie 1, 2, etc, in each of those are their respective video and audio ts folders.

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    Thanks Macman. I'll check out Popcorn. I've had it forever, but I never knew what it was for.

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    So I got popcorn opened and I tried adding the folder that contains the 5 files I want to burn, all of them comtaining an audio_ts and a video_ts file. Popcorn won't let me add the folder. It will let me add one of the video_ts files by itself but when I try to add any more to it, Popcorn deletes the first file and replaces it with the new one.

    So I can't add the one foler containing all of the files, and I can't add more than one manually. What might I be doing wrong?

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