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    Jan 04, 2009
    idvd uses disc space - but i'm saving to firewire
    I've been transferring home movies from VHS into mp4's then editing in imovie and burning disc images with iDVD. As far as I know, I've been saving all my big files on a drive other than the main drive containing the OS (firewire external drive and other ATA internal drive). However, my main drive has filled up since I've been doing this.

    Does imovie or idvd (version 5) save large hidden files or cache files onto the main drive somehow? I've searched for files by size and date modified, but nothing is showing up. What am I missing here? I'm stuck until I can find and delete these files.



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    Jan 04, 2009
    Found them - they were saved in the documents folder under my user. I don't know why they weren't showing up in the search though. They were idvd and imovie project files.

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