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    Final Cut Express - Cropping question
    So I have a question about cropping. I just got FCE yesterday and it's a bit of a step up from iMovie and I'm still trying to figure it all out. I managed to figure out how to crop a clip into another clip, but I'm wondering if you can only crop in squares and rectangles? I saw a video made with Sony Vegas where they cropped a person, very accurately so. Can that be done in FCE?

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    Yes you can. You have to just wallow around to figure lots of stuff out in FCE. Look under right lower corner of the middle window at the icon that looks like a film clip. Click on the right side and experiment with the dropdown.

    There is a pretty steep learning curve but almost anything is do-able. The most efficient way to learn FCE is to sign up for OneToOne at your brick-and-mortar Apple store. For $100 you get one hour each week of personal instruction in whatever you want. For two bucks an hour it is undoubtedly the best deal I ever got.

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    Re: Tutorials
    I'm sure that Apple Store instruction is fine, but I just got a set of 16 video tutorials for FCE and they are a "must have" for the FCE beginner.

    Go to: Izzy Video » Learn Final Cut Express 4 | Learn how to shoot, edit, and produce better video.

    These are free! Yes, Free! (I like free)

    As of last week, they were not downloadable, but I have iShowU HD and was able to copy them no problem at all. One thing, when saved as .mov files, they are quite large. But I used FCE to save them as .wmv files (can also do this with iMovie) and thy are very reasonably-sized now.

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