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    Blu-ray burning.
    I have a Macbook Pro. Final Cut Express. Toast 9. I'm interested in hearing from those who are now successfully burning blu-ray discs using an external burner. What hardware/software/plugins/discs (inkjet printable?) are you using? Satisfied? Thanks.

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    Blu-ray burning
    Bumping as I am interested as well...I have been recording home movies on a sony HDR-UX5 and would like the extra space to not only burn high-def but also add digital copies lots of photos, menu options other features you just can't add on a limited space

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    As a disclaimer, I am a newbie to video editing. I bought a Sony SR11 about 3 months ago have just started reading/playing around with this, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt.

    From what I understand, importing to iMovie converts the AVCHD to Apple's own format and increases the file size. Instead, I was able to copy the .mts file directly from the camcorder's hard drive (linked to the iMac via USB) into Toast (after the $20 blu-ray upgrade). Then I burned a blu-ray formatted disc on a regular DVD-R in my iMac's superdrive. This will not play on a regular dvd player (since it is blu-ray formatted and high def), but it does play on my PS3 and Panasonic BD-30 without problems. I can't notice any difference compared to hooking the camera directly.

    I just got a blu-ray burner and haven't tried that yet, but it should work as well.

    Note: This is just raw footage from the camera without editing.

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