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    Dec 22, 2008
    How to burn .vob to DVD
    Hello all,

    I've recently decided to start burning copies of some of my DVDs, therefore my question is very n00b-ish. I downloaded mactheripper, then I ripped a DVD which extracted the contents to two folders: 1) video_ts and 2) audio_ts (or something like that). The video folder is filled with .vob, .ifo, and .bup files, whereas the audio folder is empty. So, I think I know where I stand right now in that I've extracted all the files from my DVD onto my computer. However, I don't know where to go from here. What application(s) should I download in order to burn the files onto a blank DVD? Also, if you could give a very quick, even if not very detailed, run through of what I'll need to do (just so I have an idea of how to go about it), I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if I'm leaving out any vital information, please let me know. For what its worth, my computer runs on the OSX10.4.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Dec 22, 2008
    For what it's worth, I've also got handbrake but can't figure out how to work it, let alone know if its optimal, or at the very least sufficient, for burning the aforementioned files to DVD.

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