I am making a slideshow in iMovie with ~400 photos and ~60 songs. First, I added all the pictures sequentially and am now adding songs as appropriate depending on the photo content. I am then shifting some pictures so that they appear right on keywords in the song (bookmark is great for this). As I think of things I go back and add them. In other words, I might workout the beginning and then the end, and then the middle, and then add something to beginning, and so on.

I have noticed is that if I grab a photo and shift it down the timeline in order to come-in in a later part of the song, the downstream spacing will not be maintained. Instead it will close the gap between it an the next photo, then "push" the photo until it contacts the next photo thus messing up the timing of pictures. It's like going back and typing something at the beginning of a sentence and causing all the following words to run together.

Am I forced to work in strict sequence and not go back or do I have to have every photo contact the next photo at all times so that spacing is maintained? I know ripple can be disabled but that only helps if you are shortening the clip. If you extend or add, your spacing disappears.