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    Converting old foreign VHS tapes to American DVDs
    So I'm sure this has been asked a million times but since I don't know any of the proper terms, I can't find the answer to my exact question.

    My parents have a ridiculous amount of old VHS tapes that we recorded in Saudi Arabia and England that we haven't been able to watch since then because of the different formats. I've figured out that I need to buy a VCR that is compatible with that format (and if anyone has any tips of where I should go to find that format, I'd appreciate it). But my main question was can I use any of the popular analog to DV converters that are out there for this?

    Specifically, do the Canopus ADVC110 Converter or the Elgato EyeTV work with all formats? And finally, I know the Elgato product can be used as a TV tuner, so I'm inclined to go with that if it works with my old tapes, but is the quality of the Canopus much better?


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    I would assume that as long as the VCR had the RCA outputs, the ADVC110 would not know the difference between the foreign tapes and native tapes. As far as the quality difference, I am not sure.
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    Re the format, you need a VCR that plays PAL tapes. You're best bet would be UK Ebay I would reckon, as A) Very few stores here sell VHS players now and B) None of them ship to the US.
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