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    Hey, my name is Joseph E. Torres and I am an independent filmmaker in New York. I am currently Directing, Producing, Creating, Writing, and Editing my own feature length Horror Film. It is very exciting and it should be done by February to March. I am a perfectionist, sadly. I wish I wasn't, it would make life so much easier. Now, even though this is highly unnoticeable, I still really want help on this and everyone that even attempts to help me, will be gladly appreciated. Now, below is a screenshot from the film.

    The target is the guy in grey in front. To the left of his left eye is a little piece of hair sticking out (specifically to the left of in between his eye and eyebrow). It drives me crazy. I don't know why, but I keep thinking of it and staring at that one spot.

    Below is a closer look of it.

    Being that the shot spands for about 3 to 5 seconds, I would like to know if theres any program that is smart enough to remove the black spots of that area for every frame? And then I can sort of just fill in the deleted pixels of spots will a replaced background in that little spot. If there is any, would you know exactly how to do so?

    If you know how this can happen, please let me know. I've been stressing this for weeks. And if you live in New York, you can get a free ticket to the premiere of the film in April or May.


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    From my understanding, this can be done... It is quite a task. It is known as rotoscoping (no, not the animation rotoscoping found in Richard Linklater films). The only way I know of achieving this is with Adobe After Effects. I did some minor research and came up with this...

    Rotoscoping in AE : Adobe After Effects Video Tutorial

    It gives a tutorial on how to remove something from a shot. Give it a look, maybe this is what you're looking to accomplish.


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    I've done things like this many times for commercials and such and yes, After Affects is the way to go. See if you have a buddy that can let you borrow it or see if there is a trial version you can get your hands on for a day or so. If you have the money, grab a copy, its well worth it.

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