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    Video Brightness, Contrast Controls?
    I really miss the video controls in the old QT6 Pro - such as control over brightness,
    contrast, etc. I still have QT6 in Classic, but it's a little too slow for HD vids.

    VLC provides some of these, but they're often grayed out when I select them. Can
    anyone suggest a movie player that provides these controls? Or a stand-alone app
    that lets me apply corrections to the entire video?

    I have several home videos made with older, lesser quality cameras that need some
    tweaking for sharpness and contrast. I'd appreciate any help, suggestions.

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    Have you tried iMovie? Worse case scenario, you could tweak those during an export.

    As far as the "too slow for HD vids" comment goes, it is likely your computer is a bit short on horsepower.
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