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    Putting movie on macbook
    Not sure where this goes, so I thought I would start it here. I bought the movie Wanted, and it came with a digital copy to put on my mac. I followed the directions, but when it came double click Wanted under Devices in the Navigation Bar in iTunes, it wasnt there. I know where the devices tab is, because it comes up everytime I plug my ipod in. Does anyone know why it wouldnt be showing up? Or how to get it there?

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    Dude your question is not very clear i.e. badly worded.

    Are you saying you can't find the movie in your itunes library from within itunes?

    If you bought it and "it came with a digital copy to put on my mac" why not just put it on your mac by copying it within the finder?

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    Here are instructions in a round a bout way.

    1. put movie in
    2. Quit Apple DVD Player.
    3. Open iTunes
    4. Double click Wanted under the devices tab in the navigation menu on the left hand side.
    5. Follow iTunes instructions.

    I am saying, Wanted is not showing up under devices, and I want to know why or how to get it to show up.

    What do you mean copying it within finder? When I go to finder and click on wanted, it has audio and video choices. there is nothing under audio, and a lot under video.

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    Audio_TS and Video_TS open DVD player or VLC, whatever you use and drag the Video_TS folder on top of the program and it will play

    The Audio_TS is not needed and can be trashed.

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    I dont want to play it on my macbook. It already does it through the Apple DVD player. I want to be able to download it to itunes so I can put it on my ipod.

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