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    iMovie HD to iDVD or QT audio problem..HELP PLEASE!
    Hey! So this is my first post on here but I have been scouring the forums for a solution and havent quite found one. So heres my problem.

    Ive made a slideshow/movie in iMovie HD 06 and have also made a soundtrack that goes along with it. The timing of the soundtrack is extremely important and for some reason when I try to share it to iDVD 08 it starts to lag behind more and more after the first couple chapters. And the audio that I have that is part of my video clips works (no problems with off sync of 16bit audio) just the soundtrack from itunes. Ive also tried everything I could think of or find on these forums with QT. No dice. The soundtrack starts to lag behind after exporting to QT or just with the iDVD previewer. HELP PLEASE!!! I have to get this done asap!!!!!

    My last choice is to try and get iDVD 06 working I guess but I havent been able to find any real answers how to get it working with 08.

    Im running a mac air, OS X 10.5.5 1.6ghz duo with 2gb ddr2 sdram. Not much hard drive space left..but enough. Around 15gb.

    Any help would be appreciated!! THANKS!


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    Perhaps the files need to be converted to 48kHz, or at least the same sample rate.
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    Hey xstep,

    Thanks for the input but I actually just managed to fix it! YES!!!! Finally after about a week of attempting everything I figured it out. So if anyone has problems somewhat similar to mine this was a sure fix for me.

    Basically it was my soundtrack that was going out of sync. So all I did was tried exporting to QT but much smaller pieces of my slideshow/movie. I did it by just selecting the scenes I wanted to take and thus exporting my movie bit by bit. I seperated my show into about 7 segements. Then when I had them all in QT .mov format and each segement was in sync i just dragged them into a new iMovie HD project. This put the video and audio all together in chunks. Then iDVD worked like a charm! No off sync'ing! Thank God I didn't partition my drive for iDVD 06! Whew!

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