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    Editing AVI using FCP
    Need advice here please. I was trying to edit some footage captured by Premiere Pro (AVI formats) using FCP. at the time I preview the output, I found that those clips which I added slow motion and some other special effects appear to be jerky. What went wrong here and how should I solve this problem? Thank you

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    If you're trying to get smooth slow motion from a standard consumer (or even prosumer) camcorder, life is going to be a little tough for you. As far as adding special effects, does the jerkiness come after you've exported or only when you're trying to preview the effects while still editing?

    Some specs on your Mac would be helpful, as well as what software you're using. If you have an older machine and you're using uncompressed AVI, you're probably using all of your ram/processor power simply trying to view the file in real time. Add effects to that and that would explain the jerky footage.
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