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    decent video player
    Hi all, Im using mac for more than 2 years now and I still havent found any decent video player. I'm looking for a free preferably open source solution able to play mpeg*, xvid, divx, wmv, asf, 3gp, mov and other as many as possible. I'd like it to handle subtitles properly[even with windows language encoding], to be able to adjust brightness, saturation etc., to skip forward/back in the video, have a simple playlist and be a native mac binary. To save some time I'll list some of the players I've already tried.

    VLC - Is probably the best thing I found so far that supports all those formats. It's GUI is a bit scatchy and there are almost no key shortcuts compared to mplayer. Hard to find brightness adjustment etc.. This is what I'm using now. Oh and it crashes a lot.

    Mplayer - If i'm @ linux this is what I use. Port for mac is crashing alot too. Brigtness adjustment missing and subtitle support is also weak.

    iTunes/quicktime[pro] - I'd rather not comment on this, I'm new here and don't feel like trolling, flaming or whatever.

    Miro - nice, but huge and slow. It's not built for everyday use media player.

    Flip4mac & WMP9 - I... would not comment.

    Real player - are you for real?

    Cellulo - it's nice and has potential, but it's not that great.

    So that's about it. I hope I didn't anger anyone and I'd like to thank developers of all the apps above for they'r time and effort.

    cheers roman

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    Not that this helps you at all, but I have 0 problems with VLC. I find it to be rather stable. I always use Xine on my Linux boxes.

    I wonder if you could get Xine or a more stable version of mplayer using something like MacPorts?
    masakatsu agatsu


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