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    Removing Audio Entirely - imovie08
    Hi everybody...

    So I looked around through the forum and found a lot of topics on "extracting" audio for those who wanted only the audio, but what about stripping it entirely. For an example, I have a video that has the original sound on it, and I don't want to hear that. I have added music to the video, but the original sound is playing as well.

    Im sure this is a very simple thing and I'm just missing something.

    Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    The only way to remove it would likely be during the advanced export option.

    I would just click the speaker for the track and lower the volume to zero, then your background track you added (in green) would be the only sound available.
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    Yes, thank you. I was sliding the bar the wrong way. I was thinkng... more volume not realizing that the window was specific to the embedded track. Woops. I'm new with this program. Thanks!

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