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Thread: Managing a large library across multiple external HDDs (advice needed)

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    Arrow Managing a large library across multiple external HDDs (advice needed)
    Here's the rundown. I have an extensive media library, and I've found that satisfying my storage, editing, and convenience needs at the same time is difficult.

    Mac Mini - 120GB
    Mini Stack - Partitioned 500GB (120 backing up main drive, 380 for iTunes Music and misc.)
    FreeAgent - 320GB (backup for Music)
    2x MyBook 1.5TB - iTunes Movies (1 backs up to the other)
    2x MyBook 750 - iTunes TV Shows (1 backs up to the other)

    I'm operating right now with about 160GBs of music, music videos, and podcasts, about 950GBs of Movies, and about 500GBs of TV Shows and other misc Video that I access from the "TV Shows" section of iTunes.

    I have all of my content nested within iTunes folders on each drive, and when adding or editing content I change the preferences to point to the appropriate folder.

    The problems I'm running into are that iTunes keeps wanting to update my library each time, and if a edit a file that is not in the currently selected iTunes folder the edits are only reflected in iTunes (not to the file itself).

    This comes up most frequently when I'm adding ripped TV Shows, as iTunes always adds them first as Movies, which I then change. I also rename the files and add artwork. If I'm pointing to the correct folder the files will move from a Movies folder to a TV Shows folder, reflect new names, and retain episode and other info. If not they don't update.

    So I want to know if there is a way to set my itunes folder permanently to the music location, add movies and tv shows from locations without copying to main folder AND retain the same editing abilities that you have by selecting "keep iTunes folder organized."

    Thanks for any suggestions.


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    Have you tried de-selecting the "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library" selection under the Advanced iTunes preference pane? You would manually place the media file where you want it, and then import. iTunes would leave it in it's place, but maintain the organization.

    The only other thing I can think of is to use Finder Aliases or Unix links. You would make links for the groups that have folders within the iTunes Music folder. Things like Movies, Podcasts, TV Shows, etc. When you copied the media into iTunes, certain files would actually be placed where the links point, even on other drives.
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