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    Netflix Instant View from Imac to TV
    Hey guys,
    I have instant view with Netflix and would rather watch it on my 50 inch DLP TV rather than my 20inch IMAC. The Imac is on the other side of the room from the TV so i am not sure what options I have, but any help would be greatly appreciated... What cable do I need and perhaps I can just hide it along the baseboard of my living room? Any other options?

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    You could do it. You would have to get a Mini-DVI to HDMI cable, or similar, long enough. That would be just for the video though. Then you would have to run another cable(s) for audio. Or just get a Mac Mini and put it by the TV, heh heh.

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    I've had some experience with this, actually. Last time I tried though, netfilx didn't support Instant on a mac. Are you using Windows? From my experience, the resolution factor is downright crappy when using a tv as a monitor, which is what you are talking about doing. It's either too small and doesn't fill the tv, or it all won't fit. Whenever I did it, I was not able to see the dock or the menu bar of the screen, and not to mention, the audio and video were not synced b/c of the tv...

    I think the best solution for this problem is the Roku NetFlix player, or the xbox 360 (as of the new Dashboard update tomorrow).

    Good Luck!
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