We use jumpbacks for the background of our worship at church. I take them into Final Cut and copy and paste them so that they are about 10 minutes long. Then I export them and bring them into DVD Studio Pro and make a menu of 9 or so jumpbacks.

I burn them to a dvd, but they don't loop in the dvd player no matter what I do. I set the dvd player to title or chapter repeat, neither work. When the jumpback is done, it goes black and then loops. It only does this when I burn them from my new computer. I can take the same .mov files and burn them from another computer and it works fine.

Jumpbacks burned to dvd. They loop smoothly on the old computer, but go to black before looping on the new computer. Same dvd player.

Here are the specs:

Old computer:
Mac Pro G5
1.5 GB of ram, maybe
2 ghz ppc, I think
Final Cut Studio

New computer:
Macbook Pro 17 inch
4 GB of ram
2.5 ghz intel core 2 duo
Final Cut Studio 2

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!