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    Question Help, removing Auto-tune demo!
    Hi mac experts!, long ago I installed a demo version of "Auto-Tune 5" on my macbook. When the demo expired I didn't really thought that it would cause me any problems. BUT! I have recently downloaded a trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro to edit some video clips in. When I try to open op the application it stops when it writes - "Loading: auto-tuneMM.vst" and a message from autotune pops-up on the screen saying that Auto-tune has expired. The only thing that I can do is to exit this pop-up message, afterwards Premiere pro shuts down

    Does anyone know what I should/can do ? Im really lost since I can't find any answers on the net

    Please help me.

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    Did you delete the Auto-Tune application once it expired? Drag it from the Applications folder over to your Trash Can.

    Assuming you did this long ago, then this post may help. Need help deleting/uninstalling Auto Tune!!! - Mac Forums

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    Sorry, I have not told that I done exactly that - deleting all those files and folder that I could find.

    But Auto-tune still appears to exist oon my mac :s

    Any other solutions ?

    (BTW thanks for the quick answer)

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    Hey, so i literally have the exact same problem. I can't open my Premier Pro because of this expired version of ANtares auto-tune. when i try to open it, the program basically freezes with the expired trial version notification on the screen. i cant click quit or anything. Any help getting rid of this program completely from my computer would be greatly appreciated. it is really getting annoying, and yes i have deleted all of the related files. thanks

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    I have the same issue, does anyone have a solution to getting rid of auto tune, i cant open premier

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