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Thread: Hooking my Cannon DV to my imac

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    Hooking my Cannon DV to my imac
    Just purchased my first imac. I want to start downloading my DV video from my Canon ZR100 to my imac. I don't even know what cord I need to get the two together?

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    Congrats on your iMac, and welcome to the forums!

    You should need a firewire cable, or USB cable. Most likely a USB cable came included with your video camera. However, you will most likely need to purchase a firewire cable separately.

    These can be found at any tech place, such as Best Buy, Radioshack, Circuit City, or the Apple store.
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    You need a 6pin to 4pin firewire cable. USB is not an option for miniDV cameras. The big stores tend to rip you off so if you have a local small dealer you might find a better deal there.
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