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    Question I'm very new to Mac, and I have some video editing questions.
    So basically I'm really new to the Mac. Like, a few days into having my new computer new. I got it for many, many reasons, but a big one was being able to use iMovie and stuff like that. Seemed like a fun thing to do. Well, I didn't do all my homework because my video camera records and saves media as .mod, and the only way to get them to play on the Mac is to rename them .mpeg. None of them will play or anything in iMovie.

    What can I do to repair this? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    I love the Mac so far, by the way.

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    Convert them with mpeg stream clip BEFORE importing to imovie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Del View Post
    Convert them with mpeg stream clip BEFORE importing to imovie
    I'm not really, uh, slick to video editing and converting and things like that. I appreciate the help! I'll see what I can figure out.


    Eh, it tells me I have to pay 20 dollars to do it. I guess I'll either have to suck up the loss or buy this, or Quicktime Pro, or something like that.

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    you don't have to upgrade QuickTime to pro! if you go to Mac Freeware and Free mac Software for OSX you can download free video converters. you just click on the movie file and drag it into the app. also you can click add file, or whatever it will say and then you can have it convert it to usually any format you want! I am new to mac myself ( one month) and only been using computers for 6 months!!! This will be easier than you think! I can answer any more ? if you still need more help. the video part on the mac is pretty much all I have been good at on the mac, I haven't been able to understand how to use Automator or AppleScript, etc. so don't feel bad...

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