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Thread: How can I burn a DVD from iMovie?

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    How can I burn a DVD from iMovie?
    I have completed an edited movie in iMovie. Now I would like to burn this to a DVD-R which plays in a DVD player as well as on my iMac.
    I've played the tutorials - read the instructions - but can't do it. I don't want a "theme" in iDVD, just a simple copy of my movie on DVD.
    Copies of my movie are now on iTunes, iMovie, iDVD, the desktop ....... you name it, it's there. But when it comes to burning it, either I get a DVD that plays only on a Mac or the DVD is ejected before any burning takes place.
    I'm working with a 24" iMac, OS 10.5.5, iMovie '08 7.1.4 ..........
    Tearing my hair out hasn't helped either. Any easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions would be really appreciated.

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    Truth be told, I don't know if you can make a DVD with iDVD without a theme.

    You can set your iDVD project to start the movie on insert of the disc though. Click on the hierarchy button, first round one of three near the bottom center, and drag your movie to the square that says "Drag content here to automatically play when the disc in inserted.". If the movie has chapters, then drag the first one to that location and remove the rest.

    Another tip is to first create the image to a disc image; File --> "Save As Disc Image...". That way you can test it first before burning an actual disc. The technique also helps to separate burning issues from disc creation issues. You can use Disc Utility to burn the disc I believe.
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    I recently bought a new MacBook pro and have been editing with iMovie and a Sony HD camera. I finally finished my first video and put it on a dvd. I just exported to my desktop. I then opened iDvd and either imported it or dragged and dropped it in cant remember. I did about a 20-30 min video and it took like a hour and a half though.

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