This is a sort of complex issue that i will try my best to explain. I have a april 2005 power mac g5 dual 2.0. running tiger. I have used in as a editing suite for since 2006. running final cut pro.

it all started back in july when my superdrive crapped out. Applecare sent a guy out to put a new one in. It work ok. It would fail occassionally but nothing to serious. Then fast foward. I moved my computer into a studio equipped with internet. So I ran software updater and updated everything. Before that everything was the orginal version. Since then the dvd burning fails on verification everytime. It doesn't matter which program i use (iDVD, burn, disk utility, finder) they all fail durning verification. Furthermore it burns playable CDs and data disks fine.

This is what i've done to solve the problem. talk to apple care. they told me to reinstall OSX i did that using archive install. That didn't work then i did an total reinstall that worked but when i updated the software the same problem came back. Why are these updates doing this? Is there some solution to this problem other then a OSX reinstall?